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JackRabbit Doesn’t Rush on AC Installation

When you talk to an older, more experienced HVAC installer, he’ll tell you that installation of your unit is what you NEED to get right in order to see your AC perform at maximum efficiency. While some Do-It-Yourself websites give step by step instructions on how to install your own air conditioner, JackRabbit can’t emphasize enough how big of a mistake this can be

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Other contractors may move at a turtle’s pace, but JackRabbit solves your problem as quick as a hare!

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Why Let JackRabbit Air Conditioning Install Your AC?

Broken Unit? Money Down the Drain: For one thing, there’s possible damage. Either your unit could arrive damaged and you are unaware or you could damage the unit during the process, costing you far more money in repair bills than having the unit professionally installed.

We Have HVAC Licenses: The professionals are professionals for a good reason. Their training and experience can beat any workshop. Those that do this work for a living will be able to look at the space you have for an HVAC and the specifications of your home’s needs and determine exactly what model is optimal for your home. An air conditioner that is well-sized for its location runs more efficiently than one that is not.

There’s More to it Than Just the AC Unit: Mistakes in ductwork are an easy way to let a perfectly good new AC go to waste. Yes, your cold air is generating, but it’s not blowing in the proper channels thanks to duct mistakes during the air conditioner installation. Evaporation issues and ventilation issues can also occur, and those mistakes could cost you and your family health issues in the future as well as wear and tear on the machine.

Safety: HVACs and furnaces create noxious fumes, including the gas carbon monoxide, which, if inhaled for an extended length of time can cause health problems or even death. For children, 8 hours of exposure to this odorless gas is all it takes to end their lives. A professional knows just how important these connections and ventilation are in terms of keeping you and your family safe and comfortable all summer.

Call JackRabbit at 954-994-7801 today to learn more about our AC Installation services. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you get a new unit in your home today.