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Home Air Conditioning Services

Heat is no joke. As a country, we spend billions of dollars each year just trying to beat the heat and thwart its unpleasant symptoms. Some suffer from breathing and movement difficulties when the temperature is high, while others find the heat wildly unpleasant. JackRabbit AC provides expert residential air conditioning services to the Sunrise FL area.

We'll Speed To Your Side To Save The Day

In Southern Florida, there are days it can feel like there isn't a single breeze. But we live here for a reason, right? The perfect skies, the perfect locale, the community that is like no other. So our battle with heat continues. Our biggest ally in this fight? JackRabbit Air Conditioning has the experience and know-how to help you overcome the heat and not go into debt doing it.

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Other contractors may move at a turtle’s pace, but JackRabbit solves your problem as quick as a hare!

JackRabbit Residential Air Conditioning Services

It's important to have a go-to company that you can call when your home is in need of major services. Shopping around is fun but when your residential air conditioner breaks or you need to start figuring out what unit you'll put in your home next, you'll need a service you can call that you'll know will respond quickly and with your best interest in mind.

AC Repair Service & Maintenance

When your HCVC system is not turning on, or is cycling repeatedly, or is not providing enough air from your vents, you'll want to call JackRabbit AC for air conditioning repair service. We'll make our recommendations and get you back up and running in a flash.

To avoid frequent AC repair visits, we prescribe regular maintenance. visits so that an expert visually inspects and services your unit. Regularly maintained air conditioning systems are likely to run better, more efficiently and see fewer breakdowns than an unmaintained unit. For those reasons, as well as to lengthen the life of your system, we recommend you shake a tail and sign up for our annual maintenance program.

Install or Replace AC System

Of course, if your unit is old and decrepit, or you are moving from window units to central AC, you'll want a company with experience and an excellent reputation to jump for the job. JackRabbit Air Conditioning specializes in precision installation jobs, where we'll ensure your unit is installed correctly and is able to provide you the most efficient services available. We carry trusted air conditioner brands that will stand the test of time, even in our hot and humid Southern Florida climate!

Call JackRabbit Air Conditioning today for a full range of AC Services. Contact us here or or call us 954-994-7801 today.

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