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Catch that Rabbit


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Catch that Rabbit

Find Jack the Rabbit

JackRabbit Air Conditioning needs your help!

Jack the rabbit likes to hop around all day! We need your help to catch him!

Throughout your day, if you see Jack the rabbit, snap a picture of him and post him on your Facebook page and tag us!! When you do that you are automatically entered to win a prize from JackRabbit Air Conditioning!!

For example, say you found Jack the Rabbit at a local business!* Quick take a Pic!!! Post to enter to win a $50 gift certificate to the local business where you found Jack.

Contest Rules

If you find Jack at a local business, take a picture of the rabbit from the table card. Your picture must show Jack. Then, upload the pic to your Facebook page and tag us @jackrabbitac and please make sure to tag the local business where you found Jack.

If you see Jack out on the road, jump into action to take a quick pic! Upload your pic to Facebook and tag @jackrabbitac on your post.


Like and follow our Facebook page to receive notifications about the competition.
We’ll announce the winner in a Facebook Live raffle, 30 days after the start of the contest.


  • Only one upload per person.
  • Picture MUST show Jack the Rabbit
  • Post must be tagged to @jackrabbitac
  • If you found Jack in a local business, you must tag the local business in your post as well.

* JackRabbit Air Conditioning is asking for the help of small businesses in the area. Let us hide Jack the Rabbit pictures at your local business. To join, contact We’ll provide you with table tents and when customers take a picture of Jack the Rabbit, they’ll tag your business in addition to ours. Winners who located Jack at your business will receive a $50 gift certificate to your business, provided by us! We hope to raise small business awareness in these challenging times.