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Meet Jackie!


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Catch that Rabbit

Introducing Our Spokesbunny

I came home with Tony and Elizabeth like a little ball of fluff. They named me Jackie as a mascot for their business, JackRabbit Air.

A Rabbit with His Own Instagram!

You can follow my adventures on whatever app it is you humans use to look at things. I use my very powerful eyes.

Q&A With Jackie The Rabbit
Q If you were on a deserted island and you had to choose one lettuce what kind of lettuce would it be? ARomaine… I’m trying to like kale but....I’m much happier when Elizabeth gives me an strawberry or raspberry every couple of days.
Q What’s your happiest (hoppiest) memory? AThe first day Elizabeth gave me romaine! I did NOT like rabbit food. I like lots and lots of hay.
Q Where would you go if you could anywhere in the world? AHay Heaven!
Q What are your two favorite things to do? AI love playing with my toy and hopping around my office here at JackRabbit. I also love redecorating the inside of my house.
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