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Top-Quality Air-Conditioning Maintenance in Tampa, FL & Hillsborough County

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Scheduling regular maintenance for your air conditioning unit helps it run more efficiently, limits the odds of a breakdown, and increases the system’s lifespan. Our team at JackRabbit Air Conditioning provides you with residential AC maintenance in Tampa, FL. 

Our JackRabbit Air Conditioning business in Tampa Florida providing residential heating and air conditioning services. understands the importance of keeping your AC unit in good conditioning, especially in the heat of a Florida summer. We apply our family values to each job we take on, providing you with skilled service from technicians you can trust.

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Premiere AC Maintenance in Tampa, FL & Nearby Areas


Are you looking for “AC maintenance near me”? Our team is proud to serve residential customers throughout Tampa and surrounding areas. As a locally owned and operated company, we understand the unique needs of residents throughout Tampa.

We perform in-depth AC maintenance in Tampa, FL. Technicians arrive at your property with information about the make and model of your AC unit. We quickly work because we respect your time, but avoid cutting corners as we check:

  • Freon (or refrigerant) levels
  • For leaks in the evaporator or condenser coils 
  • For any worn out parts 
  • The drain line and drain pan
  • All safety switches 
  • Temperature differentials 

Our team often brings along replacement parts for air conditioning maintenance in Tampa, FL.  This step allows us to replace broken parts since your last maintenance visit. We also provide you with detailed information about any issues we noticed during the appointment. 

Our services help keep your AC unit in peak condition throughout the summer. Repairing problems as soon as they develop also helps prevent major breakdowns.

You Deserve an AC Maintenance Service that Meets your Comfort Needs

Do you have questions about your AC unit and maintenance in Tampa, FL? Our team can provide you with the answers you want. We understand the ins and outs of residential AC maintenance in Tampa, FL. 

Our team quickly moves once you set up an appointment with us. We consider your specific needs and have experience handling AC units made by many manufacturers. 

We want you to feel comfortable throughout the maintenance process, so we only employ trustworthy and skilled AC technicians. 

Keep Your AC Working at Its Peak with Preventive Maintenance

Preventative AC maintenance in Tampa, FL, often prevents significant problems with the operation of your cooling system.

Generally, the experts recommend that you schedule yearly maintenance appointments. However, you may want two every year if you have an HVAC unit that heats and cools your home.

You can also take steps to care for your AC unit between appointments. Ensure that you regularly change the air filter, keep your outdoor unit free of debris, and contact the professionals if your AC unit begins making any strange noises. 

You can save money by avoiding breakdowns with air conditioning maintenance in Tampa, FL. Please find out more about the benefits of this service with our team. 

Professional Air Conditioning Maintenance & Safety Inspection

Are you interested in maintenance for your AC unit in Tampa, FL? Professional AC maintenance often extends the life of AC units by keeping them in good condition. Regular maintenance can also lower your energy expenses. 

Keeping each component of your AC system in working order reduces the overall strain on the system, allowing it to function more effectively. Therefore, the system does not need to run as often, decreasing your energy expenses. 

We understand that – even with regular maintenance – your AC unit may eventually break down. In this situation, reach out to us for fast and professional assistance with AC repairs in Tampa, FL.

Complete Furnace Maintenance in Tampa, FL

Are you looking for “AC maintenance near me”? You can get the professional assistance you deserve with residential AC maintenance in Tampa, FL, by contacting our team at JackRabbit Air Conditioning. We focus on providing you with dedicated support designed to keep your system in excellent condition.

We use our training and experience to assess each unit we work on in Tampa. Please find out more by calling us at (954) 281-4904 today.


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