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Exceptional Duct Replacement Services in Sunrise, FL & Broward County

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The duct system is responsible for your HVAC system’s performance and indoor air quality. When it’s not working properly, not only can it affect everyone’s comfort, but it can also trigger allergies and lead to higher energy bills. You can avoid these issues with duct replacement in Sunrise, FL.

Comprehensive Duct Replacement Services in Sunrise, FL

Duct Replacement Sunrise, FL

Jackrabbit Air Conditioning offers professional duct replacement services in Sunrise, FL. As HVAC systems age, they’re more vulnerable to leaks, holes, and loose joints. Air escapes, reducing the effectiveness of your system and costing you more money each month.

These issues usually get discovered and repaired during HVAC maintenance. However, if you don’t make a point to maintain your system, these problems worsen until they’re no longer repairable. At this point, duct replacement in Sunrise, FL, is necessary.

#1 Duct Replacement Company Sunrise, FL

Our Jackrabbit Air Conditioning team lives right here in southern Florida and knows how uncomfortable it is to go without a working air conditioning system. We started our business after seeing a need for a reliable HVAC service in the area, and we strive to set higher standards in the industry.

As a woman-owned duct replacement company in Sunrise, FL, we stand out in the community for being honest, trustworthy, and skilled. We’ll get your AC system up and running quickly so that you’re not stuck in the unbearable heat we all know can hit Florida without warning.

Duct Replacement That Meets Your Budget Needs

Duct replacement in Sunrise, FL, doesn’t have to eat up your savings. At Jackrabbit Air Conditioning, we offer specials on our services throughout the year, making them more affordable. We also have several financing options to accommodate emergency service needs.

If your AC system isn’t working, don’t hesitate to set up a consultation appointment for duct replacement or repair. We’ll work with you to find the best financing option for your current situation.

Why Choose Jackrabbit Air Conditioning for Your Duct Replacement?

When searching online for duct replacement services near me, you’ve likely come across various options, all claiming to offer high-quality services at the lowest prices. Jackrabbit Air Conditioning goes above and beyond for our customers. We treat every client like a member of our family and treat your home with the utmost respect.

Our customers rave about our professionalism and top-notch communication skills. We will never make you sit around all day waiting for us to show up—we respect your time and schedule.

Signs You Need a Duct Replacement Service in Sunrise, FL

Since HVAC duct systems aren’t out in the open, you might not notice damage and dysfunction until they cause the system to shut down. Keep an eye out for these signs that indicate you need duct replacement in Sunrise, FL.

  • Pockets of warm or cold air
  • Unusual spikes in energy bills
  • Rattling or whistling noises
  • Ineffective heating or cooling
  • Water droplets near the AC unit’s coils
  • Mildew or moldy smell
  • Poor indoor air quality that may trigger allergies
  • A duct system over 15 years old

If you’ve noticed any of these signs in your home or place of business, call Jackrabbit Air Conditioning now at (954) 480-3025 to learn more about duct replacement in Sunrise, FL.

Quick & Efficient Duct Cleaning Services in Sunrise, FL

If duct replacement is something you’ve been considering but keep putting off because of the time and money involved, we have good news! 

Duct cleaning is a much less expensive and more effective solution that can eliminate the need to replace your ductwork. It can remove years of built-up dust, dirt, pollen, and other debris, leaving your ductwork clean and fresh.

Our team at Jackrabbit Air Conditioning are expert in duct cleaning. Our quick and efficient services mean that you can get back to business faster, with a system running like new!



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