IRS Home Improvement Incentive That Can Save You Money!

IRS Incentives for homeowners JackRabbit Air conditioning

Did you know that you could get rewarded for being energy efficient? The IRS has a bunch of tax incentives that benefit energy-conscious homeowners. We understand that tax season is stressful, and you don’t have much time to look into any tax incentives, but this one is simple! With these tax credits, you can save […]

Ductwork Replacement 101: What You Should Know

JackRabbitPRDuctwork Replacement 101 What You Should Know

Ductwork plays a vital role in a ducted AC system, and when it starts to wear out, it can significantly impact your home’s comfort and energy efficiency. This blog will discuss everything you have to know about duct replacement in Sunrise, FL. We’ll cover the reasons to replace your ducts, signs it’s time for ductwork […]