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JackRabbit Air Conditioning provides Southern Florida with honest, dependable air conditioner service, repairs, maintenance and installation.

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Did you know that there’s more pollutants in your home than in the outside air? The Air Scrubber Plus can neutralize or remove numerous harmful elements in your home air.

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JackRabbit is dedicated to the 100% satisfaction of our customers. We put you before the bottom line - a rare quality in business these days. Let JackRabbit help you and help fast!

6 Helpful Tips Before You Give Us a Call


Circuit Breaker

The first thing you want to do when something isn’t working is check for a blown circuit on your circuit breaker (its handle will go in the opposite direction of the others in its row) to ensure that resetting the breaker isn’t all you need to do to get your system up and running.


Clean Filters

Cleaning your air filters may be the easiest way to improve the airflow into your home. If cleaning doesn’t do it, you need our help!


Thermostat Battery

It sounds silly but make sure the batteries are working on your thermostat before determining your HVAC isn’t meeting the set temperature.


Check Your Vents

You’d be surprised how many accidentally closed or adjusted vents are the reason the AC temp isn’t balanced in your home.


Drain Line

If you can, blow compressed air in the line to see if you can fix your problem by removing an obstruction in your line.


Outdoor Fan

If your system can’t expel heat, you’ve got a problem. Go outside and check the fan in the outdoor component to make sure that it runs.

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Outside of you and your family, no AC company will take your personal comfort as seriously as JackRabbit. Our goal is to keep your home as cool as desired without breaking the bank.

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We’re fast. We’re reliable. We’re excellent at what we do. JackRabbit is a family owned business that prizes family values and dedication to our customers. We are always responsive and ready to help you in the event of an AC emergency.

Hiring the Right Contractor

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If you’re a Southern Florida resident who wants clean, healthy, cool air in your home, JackRabbit is who you want to call. We cover every aspect of air conditioning services as well as indoor air quality, protecting the air your family breathes.

Hiring the Right Contractor

We sell a full range of air purifying and air conditioning products. If your product stops working within its warranty period, your warranty will grant you free service or replacement. You can’t get a better deal than free!

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Shayne Sanabria
Shayne Sanabria
12:57 17 Apr 21
My air conditioning broke and I called a couple places that really didn’t seem to care. When I called JackRabbit they immediately helped and sent out one of their technicians. Tony was fantastic, super professional and friendly. Because of both Tony and their quick response, I will be using JackRabbit in the future for all my AC needs
17:32 16 Apr 21
OUTSTANDING COMPANY! A+++ experience from beginning to end. Elizabeth and Tony were empathetic, kind, flexible, and responsive to our needs. The quality of the work is impeccable and the price was highly reasonable. I will not trust our equipment with any other company!
William Cabrera
William Cabrera
16:04 16 Apr 21
I called Jack Rabbit near about 9pm last night. Elizabeth was very helpful and responsive. She clearly informed me of the added cost for an after hours visit. I needed the service asap as I have my grandfather who is 91 living with us and the house was already pretty hot. I was told the tech would arrive between 10-11pm, sooner if he finished his current job early.The tech arrived on time and prior to his arrival I received a text with his information and background in the industry. Once he arrived he quickly took a look at what could be the cause. Identified it was blow fuses and quickly repaired it. He also checked to see what could have caused it to blow. Fantastic service from both Tony and Elizabeth. I would highly recommend them. I purchased my AC from another company, but after this experience I wish I would have known about jack rabbit before, Truly amazing people and the best AC experience I have ever had.I appreciate that when they actually came they had the parts to fix the issue. Tony informed me he can solve about 90% of the problems on the first visit, but if they need a part he can go pick it up. That's much better than my current AC guy who has told me before... I don't have the part we have to wait for it. Again, thank you Tony and Elizabeth for truly great service.