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Dependable Heating Repair Services in Tampa, FL & Hillsborough County

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Are you looking for heating repair in Tampa, FL? While the weather often stays warm in our state, we also experience cold winters. As a result, many property owners rely on their heating systems to stay comfortable through the winter months. 

You may worry if your heating system suddenly stops working. Fortunately, our team at JackRabbit Air Conditioning is ready to step in and address your needs. Tony and Elizabeth – a husband and wife team – opened JackRabbit to provide property owners in our area with dedicated and trustworthy services. 

You can turn to us for heating repair services in Tampa, FL. We strive to put our customers first while treating each client with the respect they deserve. Please find out more and set up an appointment by calling us at (954) 994-7898.

Fast and Trustworthy Heating Repair in Tampa, FL

Heating Repair Tampa, FL

Our team at JackRabbit believes you deserve trustworthy assistance with heating repair services in Tampa, FL. We founded our company to give clients in our area more reliable options for HVAC services, including heating system repair. 

We quickly move once you contact us to address your issues. Reach out to our highly trained team for assistance if you notice:

  • Strange sounds from your heating unit
  • Musty or moldy odors coming from heating vents
  • Uneven heating throughout your property 
  • Your heating system kicks on and off 
  • Your heater refusing to turn on at all

We’ll gather information about your situation over the phone or through an online contact form and then send technicians out to address your needs. We respect your time and work to resolve the issue as quickly as possible while causing minimal disruption to your life.

Get the repair process started today by contacting our heating repair technicians.

Premier Source for Quality Heating Repair

We understand the stress homeowners feel when their heating systems break down. That’s why we make it easy to find “heating repair near me in Tampa, FL.” You can reach out to us either online or by calling a team member today. 

As a JackRabbit Air Conditioning business in Tampa Florida providing residential heating and air conditioning services., we focus on respectfully addressing all your needs. We have experience repairing many different makes and models of heaters, letting you feel confident about the repair process. 

You can even contact us in an emergency to get help right away. We’ll assess the causes of your issue, begin repairs, and keep you informed about our progress throughout the job. 

Our Advanced Heating Repair Services in Tampa, FL

We take on small and large jobs for heating repair in Tampa, FL. Our team uses our experience to address any issue you face using cutting-edge equipment. We continually learn more about the repair process, allowing us to serve our neighbors better. 

Our service begins as soon as you contact us to set up a repair appointment. We arrive promptly and on schedule out of respect for your time. Our crews use diagnostic tools and equipment to determine the causes of your issue.

In many cases, we can bring the parts we need to repair your heating system with us, allowing us to resolve your issue in a single appointment. We may need to order a piece or even advise you to replace a badly damaged system in other cases. 

Signs You Need Heating Repair

Are you wondering when to look for heating repair services? Sometimes, the need to call the professionals becomes obvious. For example, your heater may stop running entirely, leaving the temperatures plummeting inside your home.

However, you may also notice smaller issues, like steadily increasing costs for your energy expenses or strange noises when your heater kicks on. Odd smells or uneven temperatures throughout your home may also indicate a problem with your heating system. 

Schedule Your Heating Service Repair Today!

Are you looking for “heating repair near me in Tampa, FL”? You can start getting professional assistance today from our team at JackRabbit Air Conditioning. We offer professional heating repair in Tampa, FL, designed to meet your unique needs.

You can set up your appointment today. Give us a call at (954) 994-7898 to get started.


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