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Indoor Air Quality


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Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Services for Your Home

Today, we worry about everything we expose our families to. We check labels for trans fats, test our children for food allergies, make sure that our mattresses are protected from dust mites and we use filters to make sure our tap water is safe. However, it wasn't until recently that we started worrying about the indoor air our families are breathing. Your home air conditioner can also help you improve your indoor air quality.

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Surprisingly, there are more pollutants in your home than in the outside air. According to the Environmental Protection Agency and Centers for Disease Control, this occurs because indoor air pollutants begin to build up in the home and then are recycled by the home's HVAC system.

What Affects Indoor Air Quality

Aside from outside pollutants, there are a number of other gross things you would not want to breathe, given the choice.

  • Allergens, like dust and pollen, can inhibit the breathing of those suffering from allergies or those with compromised breathing issues. Mold spores are also common and can make an individual very ill if continually inhaled.
  • If there's carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide or formaldehyde in the home, these gasses are also transported through the air flow system, and can sicken household members with compromised immune systems or cause sudden illness in a healthy individual.
  • Smoke from a wood stove or fireplace is also going to accumulate and recirculate, as will secondhand smoke.

JackRabbit has numerous solutions for your indoor air quality problems. 

Types of Air Cleaners

  • UV Lights kill germs, bacteria and mold spores in the air so they pose no threat.
  • Air Purifiers trap allergens and prevent them from circulating in the air.
  • Air Scrubbers clean germs, viruses, bacteria and more from your air.
  • Dryer Vent Cleaning  gets rid of built up lint particles that can irritate your lungs and pose a fire hazard.

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