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AC Maintenance


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Keep Your AC Unit Running at Top Efficiency

There are a lot of pieces of homeowner business we put off when we're also busy with work, school, family, second jobs, holiday prep, etc. From gutter cleaning to sprinkler maintenance, there are things we put off and promise ourselves, "Next year I'll make sure to call that service."

For your AC, there might not be a next season if you fail to keep it properly maintained by a licensed air conditioning company based in Sunrise, Florida and serving the surrounding area. Air conditioner maintenance is necessary for the health of your unit as well as the health of your family. Getting regular maintenance visits can allow your AC unit to last as long as it possibly can at peak performance. For information about our Annual AC Maintenance Plan, call 954-994-7801 or contact us today.

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Reasons Why It’s So Important To Maintain Your Heating & Cooling System:

Maintenance Impacts Daily Performance & Lifespan

  • Save Money: Your system becomes less efficient and dependable when you allow it to build up dust and dirt. This inattention will cost you, leading to more frequent repair bills and increased utility bills. Since so much of the home's energy goes to powering your HVAC, imagine the utility bill increase when that system is working overtime.
  • Warranty Protection: Typically, routine maintenance is needed to not void the warranty on your system.
  • Longer Lasting Equipment: When you have regular maintenance performed on your system, you can add up to 3 or 5 years of efficient use.

Call 954-994-7801 or contact us online today about AC maintenance and our Annual AC Maintenance Program to improve the lifespan, performance and efficiency of your AC system.