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Getting Your AC Fixed As Fast As A JackRabbit

It wasn’t your worst nightmare, but it definitely prevented you from sleeping through the nights. Air conditioners always seem to break down during a high heatwave and never during regular business hours. You tossed and you turned but you never called an AC repair service because you feared those off-hour prices.

You made it through a whole summer night in South Florida without a drop of cool air. But you shouldn’t have had to.

Always Ready To Hop Into Action

Other contractors may move at a turtle’s pace, but JackRabbit solves your problem as quick as a hare!

That’s why JackRabbit Air Conditioning of Sunrise, FL and the surrounding areas, offers 24/7 emergency repair services. Call now if you need a repair that can benefit you and your family around the clock.

As a family owned and operated business, we always put our customers ahead of our sales. We take more pride in doing what is in your best interest than in padding our bottom line.

Let's Get Started

You should get your broken AC fixed as soon as possible for your comfort and well-being. We put you first and we don’t want you to have to wait hours for your home to feel comfortable again.

How Do I Know I’ll Need A Repair

Sure, if your AC breaks and there’s sweltering heat in your home, you can be pretty sure you need Southern Florida’s Jackrabbit Air Conditioning. But there are other signs of disrepair that can let you get a jump on the heat.

  • Excess Humidity: Part of your air conditioner’s job is removing humidity from the home, so if the humidity is high in your house, this can mean your AC is failing.
  • Cycles Repeatedly: If you hear your AC powering on and off more than is usual, or you think it’s cycling more than it used to, give JackRabbit a call before you come home to a house-shaped oven.
  • Smells Bad: Burning smells or unusual scents from your air conditioning could be a sign that you are overdue for AC maintenance or that dust and other particles are making your AC less efficient than it should be. If it smells musty and bad, this can also be a sign you need a filter change, as mold and other things you don’t want to breathe can be blown through your home by the air conditioner.

Call JackRabbit at 954-994-7801 today to see how fast we can hop on your repair. Our technicians are experts at troubleshooting to discover what the problem is and then resolve it as fast as they can.