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Kill Disease In Your Home

JackRabbit loves installing air scrubbers because we know what they'll do for the health of your home or business environment. In addition to removing some of the same elements as an air purifier, air scrubbers work quickly and greenly to kill 99.9% germs in your air system.

In the 1990s, NASA developed technology to remove ethylene, a naturally occurring gas, from air supplies because at one point the agency speculated astronauts would be able to grow their own food in space. But in an enclosed location ethylene, naturally released by plants, will cause the plants to ripen too quickly and die.

Why does this matter to you? Because their technology also scrubbed the air of everything else, including airborne pathogens. Using NASA's technology for cleaning air, your air scrubber will remove nasty smells, smoke, dust and other items from your air and leave you with fresh, healthy, pathogen-free indoor air.

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Why Do You Need An Air Scrubber?

Air scrubbers neutralize about 98% of MRSA and e.Coli particles, meaning they are no longer infectious. E.Coli strikes about 95,000 individuals in the US each year. MRSA is known for its necrotizing effects on skin, but it can also cause other infections, like pneumonia. Either a skin or lung infection from MRSA can be deadly.

Just like the other air cleaners, air scrubbers protect your HVAC system from build up and protect you from repeatedly breathing toxic air as it cycles and recycles through your home or commercial building. Often air scrubbers are used in commercial settings by mold removers and contractors doing projects that release noxious fumes, such as paint thinner, into the air. Professionals use air scrubbers because it does more than the work of other air purifying systems about 1000 times as fast.

Call JackRabbit Air Conditioning today about a commercial or personal air scrubber. Here's the thing: You know you need cleaner indoor air, why not use space shuttle technology to get it. JackRabbit's experts can talk you through which air cleaning method is best suited for your needs. Contact us or call 954-994-7801today.

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