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There are few things you think about less than your dryer vent. When you do think of it, you think of the little lint trap you pull out of your dryer and scrape clean between cycles.

But dryer vent cleaning is a more complicated process than rolling off that greyish ball of lint. JackRabbit's duct cleaning experts will be more than happy to clean your entire dryer duct system and prevent you from some classic issues caused by dirty ducts.

Your dryer vent system includes the lint trap filter, lint trap housing and dryer ducts. It's the ducts that are hardest to clean on your own. These ducts take a lot of wear and tear. Your dryer pushes hot, moist air through the ducts every time you dry a load of laundry. Anything not caught in the trap will end up in these ducts. Imagine dirt, dust, lint and more.

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Other contractors may move at a turtle’s pace, but JackRabbit solves your problem as quick as a hare!

Families that do laundry once or twice a week should have their dryer vent cleaned once a year. If you're running your dryer three or more times each week, you'll need to schedule more frequent dryer vent cleaning appointments; our knowledgeable team members can help you determine the best schedule for your family's needs.

Signs You Need JackRabbit To Clean Your Dryer Vent

  • I Know I “Dried” This Three Times Already - A slow dryer can indicate issues with the dryer machinery itself or a back-up of dryer lint. Dryer lint clogs cause your machine to run slower. Again, those ducts push out hot, moist air. If they can't expel that moisture, your dryer is going to take its time getting things perfectly dry.
  • Something Smells Like Burning Hair - When running your dryer causes even a faint burning smell, you should have JackRabbit clean your vents immediately. When built up, dryer lint can force your machine to get so hot there is risk of fire. There are thousands of dryer fires each year and a third of those fires are attributed to lint.
  • Ouch! A Pair of Socks Burned My Hand - This can be an easy sign to miss, but you should be able to put on clothes straight from the dryer without waiting for them to cool off. When there's lint build up, the dryer uses excess heat to account for the moisture it can't expel. This causes your laundry to be oven hot when you remove it from a machine that has just turned off.

Call JackRabbit for You Dryer Vent Cleaning Needs

Dryer vent cleaning lengthens the life of your dryer, allowing it an easier day's work with fully clean ducts. Because your dryer is no longer working as hard it may dry clothes faster, and your utility bills should lessen with a clean dryer vent system.

For the safety of your family and the health of your dryer, call JackRabbit at 954-994-7801 today about your dryer vents or contact us. We're ready to hop into action!

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