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Duct Replacement


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JackRabbit Will Replace Your Damaged Ducts

Your living room curtains might be delicate. Your laundry may be delicate. Your mini pomeranian might be delicate. But do you know another delicate feature of your home? Your air ducts.

Air ducts are surprisingly vulnerable to getting crushed or bent. Although we've all heard of “duct tape” you do not want to repair anything in your duct system. Always replace a broken, bent or crushed air duct.

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Other contractors may move at a turtle’s pace, but JackRabbit solves your problem as quick as a hare!

You can also replace your ducts simply because of age. Even with reliable duct cleaning services, older systems can eventually get weighed down with dirt and debris, causing numerous problems with your HVAC system.

Signs Your Ducts Are In Need of Replacement

  • Your System is Performing Inefficiently: If your utility bills have increased and your HVAC is not pumping in as much cool air, it might be a duct problem. Experts estimate that your duct system should be replaced every 10 years for the best possible performance. JackRabbit can make that an affordable experience when you call us 954-994-7801 today.
  • Pass the Nose Plugs - Mold In Your Air Ducts: Mold can be pretty insidious; ask anyone who has ever scrubbed a bathroom or overly humid basement. When it gets in your duct system, it becomes a serious threat to your health as spores repeatedly spread through your home. The mold will not be eliminated by a routine duct cleaning; you'll need to completely replace the affected ducts.
  • Two Different Rooms, Two Different Temperatures: Is your kitchen hot and the living room right next to it an industrial freezer? Differences in air temperature in different rooms could be related to the health of your ducts. Your entire duct system is installed to maintain equalized temperature throughout your home or business, so if that balance is off, call JackRabbit 954-994-7801 today.
  • Your Ducts Are Punctured or Visibly Damaged: Your ducts are used to pass air, and when they are compromised you may be losing the air your HVAC is working to push out. Again, ducts should never be repaired or used if damaged.

Call JackRabbit for the optimal duct replacement service. As air conditioning experts, we're in the know of airflow and we understand just how ductwork and your HVAC system work together to cool and warm your home. We don't overcharge and our technicians are ductwork experts. Call us 954-994-7801 or contact us today.

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